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6 Signs You Need AC Maintenance

Scheduling AC maintenance may not be high on your list of home projects, but it’s key to your indoor comfort. Without regular tune-ups, your cooling system can succumb to damage and possibly a breakdown. Avoid the headache of replacing an AC before it’s due with professional AC maintenance from our team.

At Skelton’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re the premiere team for AC maintenance in Birmingham. Read on to learn how you can tell if you need an air conditioning tune-up. When it’s time to schedule your service, don’t delay – reach out to our team to get started.

1. Low Airflow

Air conditioners in need of maintenance can deliver weak airflow. This leads to issues in your space like high humidity, insufficient cooling and frozen coils. A frozen AC can lead to a costly breakdown. Avoid living without air conditioning by maintaining your system. If your air conditioner’s airflow is weak, reach out to our team to schedule your tune-up.

2. Strange Or Foul Odors

Your home’s AC should send cool, refreshing air throughout your space, not a stinky odor. Oftentimes, a mildew smell happens when moisture collects in your cooling system. An unpleasant smell from your air conditioner – referred to as “dirty sock syndrome” – is a tell-tale sign you need AC maintenance. Skelton’s technicians can identify clogged condensate lines, mold growth and other sources of odors to bring your system back into like-new condition.

3. Leaks

Air conditioner leaks are an issue that should never be ignored. Refrigerant leaks should only be repaired by trained professionals, as the chemical poses a serious health risk. Without refrigerant, your AC can’t pull heat from your space to cool your home. In a similar way, gas leaks from your HVAC system are another serious hazard that requires immediate action. If you suspect your unit has a leak of any kind, reach out to our team right away to schedule service.

4. Frequent Cycles

If your air conditioner runs short cycles, it may be the wrong size for your home. An AC unit that is too big for a space will cool the area inconsistently and fail to dehumidify your rooms. You’ll be left with hot and cold spots in a clammy, humid home. A unit that’s too small is also ineffective – it will work too hard to cool your house, resulting in high energy bills and frequent repairs. Turn to Skelton’s for trusted AC sizing and tune-ups.

5. Loud Noises

Banging, screeching and other loud noises are signs that your cooling unit may have worn out or broken elements. Fan blades, belts and dirty coils can all contribute to strange or loud noises when the system is running. If left untreated, broken elements can lead to inefficiency and a higher risk of a system breakdown. If you hear unusually loud or strange noises from your air conditioning unit, trust our team to find the source and suggest a long-lasting solution.

6. High Energy Bills

If your routines stay the same but your utility bill is increasing, your unit may need maintenance. Over time, your air filter can clog, decreasing your air conditioner’s overall efficiency. Also, damaged or kinked air ducts can lessen efficiency as cooled air can escape through tears and holes. As part of your routine tune-up, our team will determine if your system has low airflow and go over your options with you.

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Understanding the signs that you need AC maintenance is only the first step. It’s recommended you schedule annual air conditioner maintenance to ensure your system runs efficiently all season long. Tune-ups can identify issues before they become worse and help you avoid a system breakdown.

For AC maintenance you can depend on, turn to Skelton’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Reach out to schedule your service today!

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We had a great experience with Skelton’s! Our dog damaged the wiring on our A/C condenser, and it stopped working while the highs were still in the 80’s. Skelton’s came out the next day and got our condenser working again. Would recommend them and use them again!

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